cat’s box of love

in MO, darlin’ was an ELK and we were very active…in FL, i was an ELK and very active…here in TN, i never found my ELK home…all the lodges are farther than i want to drive with a drink in me, and how can you not have a couple of rum n cokes? so instead, i started giving from me directly…i started making “cat’s box of love” in a small USPS priority box, i can fit a baker’s dozen chocolate chip cookies…this is my 3rd year of boxes of love, the post office folks in jefferson city and dandridge love to see me coming as they get a baggie of cookies too…the only trouble i’ve had in 3 years was the box to sitka, alaska…sorry tommy…i think it took the slow boat to china…i send them to folks to let them know that i’m thinking of them, i send them as get well soon, i miss you, have a GREAT day, kinda thing…i’m PROUD to say, in 2014, my cookies are healthier with real butter now, as “everything is NOT better with blue bonnet on it”…marketing that had me hooked for 20 years! and now i’m using bigger, dark chocolate chips…always only brown sugar and the main thing is, when i’m baking them, the tunes playing and the thoughts of love are for the person i’m baking for…so when they open their box to their baggies of 6 and 7 cookies, they will TASTE the love in each bite…i’ve lost track of all the folks sent to, some multiple times over the years…but if you haven’t had one yet, there is always more baking in my future! with loveĀ  SMILE

i must update this story…boo never got his last box of love…on the post office tracking page, it made it to spokane on time, it never made it to his p. o. box…WA legalized a couple of months before his mail…lordy, the middle of the night guy had the munchies! hahahahaha and don’t believe a word of it, your box might “say” it’s insured, file a claim and wait for nothing…so i hope he had milk while he ate boo’s cookies…can i also say, i hope he got choked up a little bit? a “cat’s box of love” bit the dust…

*spokane news flash* 7 months after the fact, boo’s box of love appeared in his post office box…he said they were mighty HARD but no fur….hahahaha

“thru rain, snow, sleet and hail, winter, spring and summer…… went around the world, but it DID get delivered”…SMILE

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