Christmas eve 2020

Hard to believe it’s been so very long since I’ve written anything here….I think about it, then off to do something else. It’s been crazy since March with the Covid virus…hundreds of folks been infected here in my own county in east TN…thousands across the nation have passed away. The hospitals are swamped, the medical staff plumb give out…Folks have been so mentally drained, jobs lost, places closing their doors…wish we would all choose to wear a mask to help keep the spreading of this disease a little lower. Folks going ape shit over their “freedom” being taken away if they put a little piece of fabric over their nose and mouth. No, it’s not your freedom, it’s your LIFE and the LIVES of everyone you come in contact with. If we don’t work together, how in the world will this ever end??? I miss so bad being able to visit and feast with family and friends…it’s been crazy…trying to stay safe and keep my family safe. We visit with them downstairs and me out on the balcony. Robin brought me a nylon rope and bucket to raise and lower things down…summer has come and gone, my flowers did well, my veggies not worth a poop. All the pots are cleaned out now and seed catalogs are coming in the mail. I have truly enjoyed by bird feeders like never before…they have been a great comfort to me to watch the birds and they eat like piggies! hahaha So I reckon I do get to feast with friends, just feathered ones…My Mama’s little fiber optic tree is turning and changing colors as I type…presents under it, waiting for Christmas morning…I wish for you all a very merry Christmas and hope the new year brings us all good health, some peace of mind and a cure to the madness! Creator be with us…AMEN….

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