Creator sure does keep things moving right along

you better be on your toes or you’re gonna miss out!

sweet angels fly in when you need them the most…

i especially like the ones i’ve known for ions of time

they wrap their arms around you and fill you with goodness

bringing positive energy, love, laughter, words and music

thank you Creator, you did good! i’m a happy woman…

full of blessings each and every day that i am so thankful for…



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grandpa boo

i have known boo for almost 3 years online…he’s near and dear to my heart…when i lived in FL, he was typing and talking the whole time i was so excited about the mighty quinn, my youngest grandson being born…i loved robin and jason named him quinn…makes me think of the song, “quinn the eskimo”…and as boo is an inupiat eskimo, how cool is that? my grandchildren, phoenix and quinn have heard of boo forever…we sent him a “worlds best grandpa” shirt last year for his birthday with their hand prints in red and blue…well on may 17th, i got the honor of being included in sharing the joy of his first grandchild. i’ve shared mine and now he shared his…what a long day for sweet courtney, then around 10 pm, spokane time, 1 am my time…they took her down for a c-section…congrats to michael and courtney on the birth of their first son…congrats to grandpa boo on his first grandson in person…he’s so beautiful…7.5 lbs and 19″ long…he is named micah izayah and he sure is a cutey! many, many blessings to you and yours, sweet boo! thank you so much for the many updates, texts and pictures during that long, long day…made me a happy woman! more folks to love…can’t beat that, now can ya? SMILE


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feast for 3 mothers

and what a feast it was! chicken parmesan, lasagna, italian bread, mixed greens salad and cold ice tea! yeah yeah yeah! lots of love! got to hang out with phoenix, the mighty quinn, robin, jason, g-bob and grandma barbara! thanks so much for the invite! i really enjoyed myself…MUCH LOVE…big SMILE

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mothers day 2012

woke up to the sound of thunder…boom, boom, boom…send ‘er down big J…i love raindrops! got my momma’s big card, her purple african violet i have been growing for a year and is in full bloom…camera, batteries, water, i’m ready to go! over the hills and thru the woods to mars hill nc…just past del rio, TN, highway 25/70 has a detour now, they are making a new bridge…i love the detour roads…a new backway to go visit…little 2 lane, curvy windy roads in the mountains with the river running along side….got to mars hill and it’s still raining…shot a few pictures on the way…the smoky mountains “smoke” when it’s rainy…they were MAGNIFICENT! my camera just didn’t do them justice, i’m sure…i was THRILLED to find momma sitting up in her wheelchair…she was talking to me! i gave her hugs from WA, TN, GA, FL, MO and MT…several from each state! hahaha we took a spin around looking at all the pretty flowers and the fishes…and she kept saying, i’m hungry! the last time i was here, she had not eaten in several days…could not even sit up…ensure was about all she was consuming! well, let me tell you, supper got there, i bought a tray to eat with her…she ate ground up roast beef with gravy, almost all my mashed potatoes and 5 slices of peaches! i was STOKED! this is the first time in a LONG time, that i was happy on my way home…shot many, many pictures…come rain or shine! came back I-40 as bad as i hated to…with all this rain, several spots in the detour could be under water by now…don’t want to chance that in the dark, so i came home on the highway…made good time, i’m a happy woman! much love and peace to you all…i am truly blessed! what a GREAT day! got messages from all my children…a good day, a good day, indeed! FULL of LOVE and of course, laughter, music and big SMILES!!

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sunday morning coming around

woke up to giggles and eyeballs about 2 inches from my face! good morning, sweet phoenix! big SMILES…we’re off to make breakfast, then played around on the drums, on the computer, coloring, of course, MUSIC going the whole time! then out to play in the dirt…we planted all of our plants, transplanted some from aunty T and just had a good ‘ol time…took out frozen gondolier’s pizza to heat up for lunch, pizza and carrots! smile…then back to planting…we were hoping to teach the children a few doors down to love plants and not destroy them, but we never saw hide nor hair of them…hope everything will be ok in the morning…took phoenix home and got to feast with the family…love jason’s chicken alfredo…back home for a wonderful shower and some wonderful sleep…dream in music! SMILE

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pow wow baby!

up early, breakfast with fruits, then off to morristown for phoenix to do her kung fu class…these children sure are gaining new skills each time i get to watch them “do their thang”! hahaha then after class, phoenix got dressed in her regalia and down the road we go to cherokee park! All Nations Gathering Powwow! how wonderful, got to hug on yalonda as soon as we pulled up! then here comes raven! one of the best drummers and dancers i know! had great fun introducing phoenix to many of my friends! love kim’s new regalia! she’s head lady again this year…just love that girl…then, low and behold, i got to meet drummer girl in person and get many hugs! we had our chairs in front of tim and tamara’s beautiful tipi…i was thrilled tamara found me and gave me a hug…was great to visit with her and tim with charlie brown and lucy! it was mighty hot out today! got to meet cindi…love her website for all her wonderful, natural creations! my dear friend, bobby redhawk eldridge…had his encampment right behind us and a wonderful tarp for shade later in the day! i also purchased a fantastic, beautiful cedar box he had done the design on the front and things i wanted it for, FIT PERFECT…i am a happy woman! sent boo a picture so he could see how wonderful it is…had great fun, phoenix got a hair wrap by the stomp dancer lady from alabama…flowers in her hair…we both wore hair clips made by SIS…phoenix danced many, many times in the circle, learning 2 new dances today…i was honored to be asked by yalonda to dance in her prayer dance…3 beautiful jingle dancers and her aunt by her side…it’s gonna be ok, girlie…it’s gonna be ok…that was the most love i felt that day…don’t know what it was, just something was in the air…vibes that are new to me…still trying to figure it out…but had so many folks i loved there, met many and shot many (camera only)… got my fantastic wall hanging made by charlie brown and my necklace feels wonderful now…and thanks so much for helping us lug all our stuff back to the toyota! MUCH LOVE

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friday nights

how wonderful…i get to kidnap miss phoenix for the weekend! it’s a beautiful friday night, we headed down to dandridge to eat out on the patio and watch the beautiful mountains…pj was showing me her kung fu moves while we waited on our order to be cooked…enjoyed her company immensely, then back to jeff city to wally world…my pocket started ringing! jesse and alexander caught us just as we were getting out of the toy…got to gab and laugh with them and watch a magnificent sunset…then into the plant section…got us a buggy and away we go…picked out 8 different plants…got 2 bags of miracle grow potting soil, a new hummingbird feeder…paid for and all loaded in the car and down the road we go…phoenix loves to pick out the jams…tonight she went with jonny lang…a girl after me own heart! home to get things unloaded….played around…got her bed made in the livingroom…bubble bath for the girl…then bedtime stories and hugs and kisses…see ya bright and early, i’m sure…BIG SMILE

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Creator opened my eyes this morning…for 3 days now, i’ve been upset when i go outside…things gone, pots of planted seeds dumped, plants scattered…i was about ready to spit nails…i have new neighbors, a little boy, maybe 3…he helps himself  to things,…i had plotted all kinds of evil thoughts against this child…isn’t that terrible?? my stuff was being destroyed and i wanted it to STOP…well, today i think i see the light…he was taking the toys for a little sister, she’s maybe 2…i watched them for about an hour, playing with sticks behind the dumpster…she was eating now and then from a big box of cereal she was dragging around…it just slapped me up side the head…how arrogant i was…what a fool…these children have nothing…i was the only adult outside watching them…they are on their own…they act scared, like little bunnies…ready to run…they went back inside and so did i. rounded up toys and books, spaceman top and a baby bear for her…they had a box outside their door, with an orange sitting on it…now it’s covered in toys and books for next time they come outside…i had forgotten what it’s like to have nothing…no child should feel that way…thank you Creator for showing me the cause…now, maybe i can be part of the remedy…many blessings to you and yours! SMILE

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it’s may, it’s may! thank you Creator! i’m so happy to see may! it’s mighty warm here in east tennessee…80’s already…i reckon winter will not show it’s face…but i DID hear thunder in february…the ol man’s saying “thunder in feb, frost in may”…so we’ll stay tuned for that! smile…hoping to take miss phoenix to the powwow in morristown this saturday…we are both sooooooooo ready to hear those sacred drums…tomorrow is my middle daughter jesse’s birthday…she was born in 1980…red headed like her 2 grandma’s! SMILE…i am blessed with 3 wonderful daughters and 1 wonderful son…and 6 sweet grandbabies, Sarah, Briana, Phoenix, Alexander, Ethan and Quinn…Creator has been good to me…many blessings to you and yours…with love from the smoky mountains to you…madly, of course! big SMILE

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hippie ridge

it was a beautiful day on the ridge…carrie’s little car was full of 4 crazy hippies and trunk full of chairs, coolers and goodies! i love hippie ridge and have truly enjoyed all the folks i have met here…quite a unique group of talented musicians, big thinkers and wonderful folks…thru and thru…the brownies were the hit of the night, the coconut pies went over well…good times, good times by all…thanks for the invite carrie! SMILE…glad you had a moment to recharge! Blessings go with you back to VA…much love…Creator be with you…smile

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saved by music

april 14th…it has been the worse 2 weeks i have known in many years…i am home, i am dog tired…heart and soul…i have nothing left in me…as i turned on the computer, a message popped up, from a dear friend at wicked spins radio…zztom…he’s doing a show this afternoon and invited me to come play…oh thank you, Creator, it took several hours to do the trick, but the music filled my soul back up with gladness…i am, again…the person i am supposed to be…music fills my heart…it’s filling in all the broken pieces…like lava running…it is renewing my soul…thanks zz, it meant the world to me…love all of you…

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broken hearts

Lord have mercy…a dear friend and the things she has been through…it breaks my heart to see such suffering…i go to be a comfort…we are all just at a loss…a dear child is gone…pills have led to the quick end of a life…one i have known and loved all his life…i have no idea what was in his heart or in his head…we had disagreed and not spoken for awhile…it was a hard row he was hoeing…a gemini that i saw both sides…it was so hard…it just tears at your heart…and just pisses me off! from bad to worse to WTF?? in my thoughts and prayers…i have no answers…i am overwhelmed…i cannot imagine…all i can do is offer all my strength, love, hugs and an ear to listen…ALL my love, madly…

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april fools

this is one of my favorite days of the year…here in TN, it’s all about the bears…in FL it was the alligators, in MO is was a variety of wild animals! but i would spin the yarn and tell the tale…most fell for it…AMAZING…hahahahaha…and then we would all laugh…SMILE


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venus, jupiter and the moon

how beautiful…i got to see them, bright and clear! it’s been cloudy for awhile, and then on march 28th HOW magnificent! tried taking a few shots, my camera doesn’t do well in the dark…so i just stood a long time and admired and cherished these wonderful feelings….i was the only one out on my hill, taking in this lovely sight…thank you, Creator! it was pure delight! SMILE

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6 weeks ago!

my my! i didn’t realize it has been so long since my stories got typed here…back to spring break! yippee! got to kidnap sweet phoenix and we headed to cosby! had GREAT fun at the bookstore, then shooting pictures on the parkway…the mountains were beautiful…home to play and feast…made her bed in the livingroom…she had all the cushions from the couch and loveseat, sheets, pillow and auntie T’s crochet blanket…she was set…native incense burning in the lodge house on the table…the smoke coming out the chimney…bedtime stories, love and hugs, kisses and tickles…woke up the next morning to her leaning over me, almost eye to eye, smiling! hahaha good morning girlie…i made her favorite breakfast and we sorted packages of seeds while we ate…she picked which ones she wanted to plant…out to play in the dirt…it’s a lovely day…it’s always a wonderful day to play with one you love…music and plants, dancing and sowing…we had GREAT fun! big SMILE

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