my momma ollie mae (ann) johnson witcher

my daughter robin and i got to have a wonderful visit with my momma yesterday.

the poor woman has been suffering more than anybody should ever have to do.

most visits she is either asleep or in a really bad mood, she’d tell you how is was quickly!

but yesterday was a blessing to us all…i had gotten her a new dress for christmas.

took this and she seemed to like it, she was awake the whole time we were there.

she tried speaking a few words but made sure these came out loud and clear…

over and over she kept saying for us “all to be happy”…her family that she loved…

her son tom, his wife linda and now sweet grandbaby cami too…my family, ray, dave, sarah and ethan

jesse and alexander, marty tate and robin, jason, phoenix and quinn…we all loved her very much.

no more suffering momma, becoming an angel at angel time…fly free sweet woman, many await you there in heaven…give ’em all hugs and kisses from us and tell all about the adventures since you’ve last seen them…all of your family are angels now, your daddy ollie, your mama eula, modean, roy, ralph and now ollie ann…(never mae) my heart is breaking but it is also soothed by the fact that you are healthy and free, laughing and enjoying being whole once again…i love you momma, with all my heart…now and always…know that you will always be GG and always will be remembered!!

03.07.27 – 12.10.15

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