feelin’ better all the time

getting better

yes, click on the link above, that is the song i’ve got playin’ in my head, too! i have been going to morristown twice a week for physical therapy on my knee…well, even better, aquatherapy…how wonderful to be in a warm, salty pool…when i get done with the exercises, i get to play in the pool for about 20 minutes before the next client shows up…the steps are the hardest part of the therapy, but even they, are getting easier to maneuver. it does my pisces soul good to be in water…and to be in a warm pool in february is heaven to me…and yesterday, after i got done with therapy,  i got to go visit with tamara and we sat and worked on my shawl for awhile…thanks, sweet woman…i appreciate your kindness and patience with my non-crafty self! hahaha


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storms a comin’

an old missouri tale, “thunder in february, frost in may” it always proved itself true in missouri, will that also work for tennessee?? as i headed out this morning, the sky was looking quite unusual…i dreamed i was seeing things and wished i had brought my camera…well, that part came true, as i could kick myself in my fanny for not having my camera or the phone with a camera with me…as i came out of the doctors office after giving the nice vampire lady another sample of my blood, the clouds were huge, big, black and rolling all over themselves…looked like Creator was kneading dough in the sky. i stood quite a while watching this wonderful play dancing across the heavens…and then the rains came…no wind, just big, fat raindrops with a few pieces of hail included…it was fast and it was furious…by the time i waited again at CVS for my medicines, my little toy had gotten a wonderful car wash…i had vacuumed out the inside not long ago, so it was set to go! hahaha down the road i went towards dandridge, the storm chasing close on my heels…i could see those beautiful blue mountains when i first came to town…by the time i was done at the license office getting my new sticker for my tag, the mountains were hidden in the storm…lots of folks at the library today, so nice to see them all…back down the road and the storm was going one way, i was going the other…the lightning was beautiful and bright, never did get to count to 5 before the thunder rolled…huge native drums playing loudly  in the sky and they filled my heart with peace…i got back home and let the storm slow some before attempting to get all my things into the house, halfway dry…smile

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hurry up and wait

don’t that just kill ya? hurry up and wait…i find myself doing that a lot here lately…i consider myself a pretty patient woman, most of the time…i try to be understanding, i try to have good manners…that does not seem to make one bit of difference. nope, not one iota.  in this world today, the only way seems to hurry up and wait…what happens to all those that have no patience? do they just give up and try another route? is there another road to travel? does it have less traffic? i have no idea…as i sigh great big and pretend not to be nervous and continue to hurry up and wait…

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ok, ok, i have had about all i can stand…went to my doctor, she took many x-rays of my knees and my left side…did you know your rib had been broken? yes, yes, i did…severe arthritis has settled into injuries in my knee…well, i should say knees, i had the left one operated on because of an injury…my right one is catching up fast. so she sent me to a pain management clinic at the hospital in knoxville…several visits, applied for a tens unit for my knee, hope my insurance approves it, it sounds wonderful…they even sent me to a shrink named al, he said i’m not nuts, i asked if he would put that in writing so i could frame it, he just laughed…told him i didn’t wanna die, i just wanna dance…they suggested physical therapy…the closest i can find is in morristown, not bad, only 20 or so miles away…they worked me over and suggested aquatherapy…how wonderful, have had one session so far, i was like a child in a bathtub, i didn’t wanna get out! hahaha the pool was so warm and salty and she let me play an extra 1/2 hour as her next client didn’t show…thank you for your kindness…so it’s hurry up and wait and hope things go well…i just want to be able to get around with less pain, that’s all…i just want to dance in the sacred circle with phoenix joe mailyn come spring…that’s all…Creator be with us all…

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the mighty quinn

my goodness, it’s hard to believe that this grandson of mine turned 2 on February 4th. he was thrilled to blow out his candle and the look of happiness to applaud for himself along with everyone else in the room was priceless…his big sister, phoenix got the orange elmo nose cupcake…it was a wonderful party, a wonderful time, a room full of love for this sweet boy…hugs from FL, hugs from MO, hugs from GA, hugs from NC and hugs from WA…this boy does get around! SMILE sooooooo happy, happy birthday to the mighty quinn…love you madly, i do my youngest grandson…was an honor to be here…you are a precious child…SMILE (photo by his momma, robin)


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listen to the angels

i’ve been to knoxville 3-4 times in the last week, some doctor related, some grandbaby related.

was coming back to do some stuff in my town, a voice kept telling me to stop by the house…

why did i need to stop by the house? but over and over…so ok, i stopped by the house

all was well, nothing amiss, did a few things here and headed back out on hwy 92.

saw the lights flashing as i came over the rise…dozens of emergency vehicles

flashing red, blue, so many folks desperately working…there was a little silver car

the only thing that was left of it was the back bumper, an acura logo

don’t know what they hit or what hit them–Creator be with them..


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for you, sweet babyboo

you do for so many, each and every day

with little regard for return or huge pay

your heart is so big, your compassion so real

I know you feed Martin, you give him your meal


now prayers are for you from all over this land

many friends treasure you, you’ve been a helping hand

you give and you give, until you have no more

but Creator smiles on you, he’ll even up the score


your gentle ways, your kind soft words of prayer

you are always helping us, with kindness to share

Creator watch over you and help heal you tonight

give you rest and peace and strength from this fight


for tomorrow is a new day, hopefully shiny and bright

just as your goodness always lights up the night

I’m indeed not a poet, but these words are so true

Boo, you have many folks that truly love you!



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january is gone

wow! it’s the last hour of the month of january! what a busy month it has been! took off to GA, truly is a blessing to have sweet peachy here on this earth! drove herself to the hospital…then she tells me how aunt elizabeth did the same thing a few years back…my my my woman! but i’m so glad she did! at walton county she met an angel of a doctor…his name is Ram Sharma…and he is very good at what he does…and he gives credit to Creator for his skills…and he saves peoples lives…and he saved peachy and i am forever thankful…many things are gonna have to change in that sweet woman’s life…but she will do wonderfully…and we will all help her…i was honored to be able to be there with her and her children, sister and nephew. it was wonderful to see joan and michael doke, too!…jan came up from savannah to athens friday, it was like a terisa tag team! hugged her neck, told her i loved her, hugged peachy and waved as i drove down the road…peachy gave me excellent directions to get to 441 from robin’s house…it was a lovely ride…i tried to take pictures but my batteries were dead, put in others, nope, i have not charged a one all week, so these glorious mountains are just a memory to me…darkness came quickly in these smoky mountains…i came home to get busy taking care of my own health…many changes there, too…many folks i know and love are making many changes to their lives here lately, due to their health…we are all learning, we are all sharing our knowledge, we are all sharing encouragement, love and prayers for each other…it does keep us all busy talking to Creator, so i reckon there’s nothing wrong with that…we all have much more to get done on this earth, so many more folks to help, children and grandbabies to love…BE GOOD to each other, TAKE CARE of each other, we CAN make this old world work, once again…RESPECT is also a wonderful word, we need to use it towards so many things…THANKFUL, true, sincere thanks for our many blessings, each and every day…smiling at the ANGELS among us and watching over us…and last but not least…LOVE…there can NEVER be too much love! big SMILE

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my dear, dear GA friend, terisa, i call her peachy, my children call her aunty T…whatever name you wanna call her, you can’t help but love this sweet woman. we have been dear friends for over 30 years…we both lost our husbands within 6 months of each other…we both have children and grandbabies we adore…i saw a message on facebook from her son wesley that she had a heart attack and was in the hospital sunday around noon. i started rounding things up, trying to figure how i was gonna do this, had the car loaded by 4 and was down the road by 4:30…the weather was nice until chattanooga, then the rains started…atlanta bypass was a blur of fog, had to kick off the cruise and slow down…got to walton county hospital, into the ER and up to her room…she was snoozin’…she heard me come in and opened her eyes in surprise! it was quarter till 10…we gabbed awhile, nurses came and went, thankful no one ran me off as i was not planning on leaving…i got your back, girl, rest easy…tests, vampires, more tests, more vampires…nothing by mouth after midnight…more tests, more vampires, they never stop! met her doctor, Dr Ram Sharma, he taught at East TN University…he transferred peachy to athens to the hospital…still nothing to eat or drink, lordy, hours went by…more tests, finally took her down for an angiogram and ended up doing an angioplasty and adding a stent to her main artery! he showed us the picture on his cell phone, the artery was 99.5 clogged…this woman is a miracle to not have heart damage with her attack…she’s a miracle to have a fine doctor…she’s a miracle she DROVE HERSELF TO THE HOSPITAL…no doubt in my mind, Creator was with her, the angels were riding beside her…i am sooooooooooooooooooooo thankful to still have her to love…she’s my SISTA from a different mother and near and dear to my heart…LYM

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sweet tamara

i first met this woman at the morristown powwow last april…she reminded me of my dear friend martha…she was sitting by her tipi that her and her husband take all over the country. i stepped inside and was in awe…the beauty, the strength, the sky thru the smoke hole…i was in love! we visited that day, i felt so comfortable around her and enjoyed her conversations so very much…i was blessed each day to have the time to pray inside their tipi with no interruptions, no noise, just me and Creator…i was truly honored for this opportunity. then the next day, i got to watch her dance…her regalia was stunning! what poise, what native pride…it was an honor to shoot many pictures of all the dancers, it was so wonderful to get to know folks a little more…each powwow brings new friends and new adventures with ones you know! facebook has brought so many folks closer to me, that i look forward to seeing down the trail come spring…between the ETOCD meetings and festivals they attend and the powwow’s in east TN this year, my heart is thrilled to make wonderful friendships…and then i was invited to drum practice at the rose center on wednesday nights…tamara and her husband, tim teach young and old, drumming, songs, the art of making regalia…it’s all new to me, but the beat of the drum draws me near…this sweet woman has gifted me a shawl…i am thrilled…it is a wonderful turquoise blue, i took off the white fringe and got some chocolate brown from crazy crow…tamara is a very patient woman as i am not the least bit crafty and get aggravated really quick when working with my hands…but she is teaching me…the fringe is coming together on my shawl and the colors are beautiful…this week i got 4 small southwestern hawk appliques to add to the shawl to make it part of me…hawks have watched over me all my life…how sacred they are to me…how PROUD i will be to dance in the circle this spring with a shawl full of love on my arm…thank you Creator for such wonderful friends and thank you tamara with all my heart, for your wonderful gift, your patience and your sweet friendship! big SMILE

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a friend of a friend, never met either in person, but surely enjoy their friendship. both are writers, words flow thru their fingertips like a river rushing by. they inspire me greatly! i’ve been writing like a crazy woman…here, there and everywhere…i can’t write fast enough, the words are pouring thru me. trying to learn to write in rhyme…i had gotten lazy in my words…keeping the online dictionary HOT, i love to learn…smile…the world is full of wonderful folks that love to write down their inner most feelings…some you agree with, some you don’t. but you have to admire their skill, their style…when you are touched by their words, you have to tell them, don’t you? life is full of adventures, adventures are full of words, words can capture your heart, words can bring a tear to your eye. i reckon it all depends on the telling…i sure enjoy the reading…it makes me a happy woman…big SMILE

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