january is gone

wow! it’s the last hour of the month of january! what a busy month it has been! took off to GA, truly is a blessing to have sweet peachy here on this earth! drove herself to the hospital…then she tells me how aunt elizabeth did the same thing a few years back…my my my woman! but i’m so glad she did! at walton county she met an angel of a doctor…his name is Ram Sharma…and he is very good at what he does…and he gives credit to Creator for his skills…and he saves peoples lives…and he saved peachy and i am forever thankful…many things are gonna have to change in that sweet woman’s life…but she will do wonderfully…and we will all help her…i was honored to be able to be there with her and her children, sister and nephew. it was wonderful to see joan and michael doke, too!…jan came up from savannah to athens friday, it was like a terisa tag team! hugged her neck, told her i loved her, hugged peachy and waved as i drove down the road…peachy gave me excellent directions to get to 441 from robin’s house…it was a lovely ride…i tried to take pictures but my batteries were dead, put in others, nope, i have not charged a one all week, so these glorious mountains are just a memory to me…darkness came quickly in these smoky mountains…i came home to get busy taking care of my own health…many changes there, too…many folks i know and love are making many changes to their lives here lately, due to their health…we are all learning, we are all sharing our knowledge, we are all sharing encouragement, love and prayers for each other…it does keep us all busy talking to Creator, so i reckon there’s nothing wrong with that…we all have much more to get done on this earth, so many more folks to help, children and grandbabies to love…BE GOOD to each other, TAKE CARE of each other, we CAN make this old world work, once again…RESPECT is also a wonderful word, we need to use it towards so many things…THANKFUL, true, sincere thanks for our many blessings, each and every day…smiling at the ANGELS among us and watching over us…and last but not least…LOVE…there can NEVER be too much love! big SMILE

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