christmas eve night

jason, robin, phoenix and quinn…came with arms full of presents…supper and dessert…we got to open a few, they got to open theirs…like robin said, that’s a first! wow! i reckon it is…and thanks marty, jesse and alexander! i love the dishes! already washed and ready to use! smile…a fantastic cedar bird feeder and a bag of seed! chocolate covered cherries for me too from G-Bob and Grandma Barbara! thanks!  my shephards hook will stay busy now in the wintertime, too! hahaha listening to rock n roll Christmas carols…had a good visit with peachy on the phone earlier…such a nice night, cold but stayed warm when i danced a song or two…Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! thank you so much for making me a happy woman! much love! SMILE

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christmas eve day

time has been zooming by…the weather has been fantastic…i’ve enjoyed company, i’ve enjoyed feasts and musicians and new friends and much laughter. i’ve enjoyed my sweet grandbabies, in person and online…i’ve had many an adventure…i’ve enjoyed these wonderful smoky mtns each and every chance i get. i’ve danced a waltz that was literally out of this world…i’ve learned so much more about the abilities inside of me…i’ve watched the world wonder if it’s gonna end today? i’ve watched my children care for others…it’s busy in east TN…i think it’s busy everywhere…as it should be…too much violence, not enough love…we’ve got to take care of each other, we all need help now and then…step up to the plate…your kindness today will help make the world an easier place to live in…let your heart be your guide, i can’t help it, that’s the way i’ve always lived…i cherish yesterday, i look forward to tomorrow but i treasure today…today i have a chance to make a difference in this world…Creator gave me this day, i will help someone…whether it’s love, laughter, cookies, a smile, a hug, a kind word, a gentle touch…make a difference…mother earth deserves better, we deserve better…all we have to do is try, to care, to pause for a moment, take a deep breath and get back after it…it’s called life and please enjoy living…follow your heart…SMILE

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and here it is november

where have the months gone?? the last post i wrote here was the cosby powwow? wow!

i’ve done many things and been many places since then…poor quinn got a virus and scared us all…

several feasts with carrie and kent and enjoyed the stones and feathers for her birthday…



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