christmas eve night

jason, robin, phoenix and quinn…came with arms full of presents…supper and dessert…we got to open a few, they got to open theirs…like robin said, that’s a first! wow! i reckon it is…and thanks marty, jesse and alexander! i love the dishes! already washed and ready to use! smile…a fantastic cedar bird feeder and a bag of seed! chocolate covered cherries for me too from G-Bob and Grandma Barbara! thanks!  my shephards hook will stay busy now in the wintertime, too! hahaha listening to rock n roll Christmas carols…had a good visit with peachy on the phone earlier…such a nice night, cold but stayed warm when i danced a song or two…Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight! thank you so much for making me a happy woman! much love! SMILE

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