faster, faster, faster!

hello and goodbye august! for each day to be long, these months keep racing by…it’s been a busy month…have had lots of fun each evening…i do so love the wee hours of the morning…peachy came to visit and got to attend her first powwow at Cosby…she’s gonna love the one at Stone Mountain…the regalia alone is gonna blow her mind…much less watching competition dancing…how the different dances are “supposed to look”…it’s a unique ART for sure…it was so wonderful to see so many friends i had not seen in awhile…and yes lucy! i love the butterfly necklace! your talents are getting better each visit! SMILE i’m so proud of you! got to see phoenix dance “fancy shawl” for the first time…in her green shawl and now also a red one…funny story about the red one…robin had won a prize of a flute box, had Kokopelli designs on it. Phoenix was holding it when i told her Kokopelli was the god of fertility…she yanked that thing outta PJ’s hand so fast, OH MY~~  peachy and i both laughed quite awhile…when they came back later, PJ had a red shawl that had been traded for…been very warm, no,  i can admit it, it’s been HOT…in the low 90’s is HOT to me…we are needing rain, so if you have any extra, please send it this way…my computer has been giving me fits of late…i’m a dinosaur, i had windows xp professional for many, many years…i didn’t give it up until Microsoft threw me away…hahaha now i’m waiting patiently for an IT man to install my new windows 8.1 and my thousands of pictures…then i’ll be a happy woman! it’s labor day weekend! hope you and yours are doing fine and dandy…hope the drinks are cold and the sun is shining on your shoulders…(but not too much, then head for the shade) i must tell you how much i have enjoyed eating from my organic garden this year…i’ve enjoyed tomatoes, green beans, cherry tomatoes, red and green lettuce, bell peppers (yellow and purple) and 2 kinds of hot peppers…i’ve had mint for my tea and herbs for my cooking, basil, rosemary, oregano, sweet marjoram and thyme…they will grow inside in my firepit when i have to move and remove all from my porch…i pissed off the owner when i refused to let them spray poison near my food, new guidelines now for living here, no gardens…i’ll just grow inside…so there! HA the end of august brought sadness, i lost a dear friend, walter thew,  but darlin’ got his best friend back…i know too many angels…and i do so love them all…on earth as in heaven…have a good one! i love you, madly! SMILE

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my angel

a shout out for a happy birthday to my angel, MT

he turns 64 today… August 19, 2014…

he’s the best man in the whole wide world…

brother michael…SMILE

with love, from sista catherine

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