feels sooooooooooo good

do you know that it’s true…little things DO  mean so much…things you take for granted…

it was TRULY wonderful today to drive to Douglas Lake, soak up rays of sunshine and check my mail…

and how very nice, it’s always nice to get a friendly letter… enjoying such a beautiful day here in east TN…

the mountains were so pretty and shiny blue, the breeze was cool, the sunshine was hot and right over me… such a big sigh, so much i am thankful for… so many blessings in my life…treasure each day, cherish each night… and fill your heart with all the love it will hold…it stretches…it stretches…ah yes…there is NEVER too much love! SMILE

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jonzin’ for cyber world

364 comments in 2 weeks and not one, not ONE was from a real person.

i miss that…back in the day, 1980’s until now i have been computing at home.

my darlin’ loved programming, so we had many, many computers over the years.

our livelihood from home based businesses was generated online in many different ways.

for example, our JCAD, Joe and Cathy’s Antique Directory for mid – Missouri 200 mile radius

we had a guestbook asking what do you collect?  i responded to each and every person that wrote to us.

it was so very wonderful to make new friends all around the world! it was amazing! FANTASTIC

we made it personal, all our jobs, we made personal…we enjoyed doing what we loved!

we worked hard, but it was always interesting, on the go, and the ride there was beautiful…

that’s where the back way was born… not interstate, the 2 lane roads of absolutely gorgeous countryside

then home to add our adventures and updates to the whole wide world online…24/7 it seemed

but i enjoyed REAL folks, not ads and robots and the only things i find in my guestbook these days…

times change…….end of rant…….delete and go on…….

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