lordy, it’s September

the world is still turned upside down…the virus shows no sign of slowing down. summer has found me taking great comfort in the plants i have grown. new to me…my elephant ear plants have made flowers…i am still home except for doctor visits. i won’t even go into all the pain that the ETHRA bus service has caused me just trying to get to town. robin and phoenix come early early every week or so to help with trash chores. they suit up with hoodie and masks and lots of lysol. the infected numbers locally and the death numbers just keep rising. school is virtual, the ones having to go in person, new cases are being told of. how scary it would be to be a student this year…all levels of education. i get my groceries delivered by instacart, robin does curbside pickup of hers. not sure what all my other children are doing to stay safe and healthy, just hope it works. my neighbors make me shake my head in wonder…they will gather outside and visit together, side by side, their masks hanging on their walker handles. i know it’s been forever and everyone is sick of the isolation, but don’t give in now…we have to work together to get these numbers under control…ok, enough of that…the weather today has been absolutely stunning…70’s, low humidity, cool breeze…wonderful labor day weekend weather…oh how i jonz’ to cook on hickory and eat the goodness…sick of my own cooking..haha but truly am enjoying my big purple egg looking air fryer…makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze…have to watch my diet more as my diabetes numbers were up last test…have been eating watermelon and cantaloupe every day and sure have enjoyed them. have spent many an hour out on my balcony reading and have bought many books this summer. september has 5 birthdays…amanda, marty, dawn box. Alexander and ethan. oh yeah, jesse and alex moved from florida to michigan this summer…love is grand…marty and amanda bought a house in clearwater, ray is now a pharmacy tech and also a deputy along with captain david in missouri, sarah is living in florida, ethan is an only child haha robin and jason are working from home now and phoenix is driving the toyota with robin riding shotgun…quinn is growing like a weed…so all in all, i am truly blessed with my little family…hoping for better results in the november elections, hope my country can get it’s shit together and let love rule our hearts…take care…stay safe and keep on rockin’…LYM

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