New Year’s Eve…how is that possible


my goodness, it’s been a while since I have written here! Had a wonderful, colorful garden out on the balcony this year. Gave away many plants to my neighbors…had excellent tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and even my year-old Carolina reaper hot pepper plants made peppers! Sage, basil, rosemary…the rest were flowers! impatients, coleus out the yang yang, begonias, geraniums and so many more! lots of different colors to enjoy each and every day.

had quite the adventure with my apartment floor, the pieces started coming loose and shifting. got to spend a few days at the local Holiday Inn while it was being redone. came home and it was worse! got to spend another week on a “staycation”…and believe it or not, they had to come back a 3rd time to redo the kitchen floor… I must say, I am not thrilled with sherman williams…the ones that did it.

so I never got to get my fish tank filled this year, as I was waiting for news on my floor…waiting was the hardest part! what a mess!! I am back and have glue issues, but I am done messing with it at all….

had a medical scare that was fixed with antibiotics! whew, I’m so happy that worked out like it did…and I fell one morning getting out of bed. had a cramp in my leg, swung my legs over the side of the bed and next thing I knew, I was face down on the floor. shit, that was a hard hit. realized that my knees aren’t worth a poop, finally made it to the living room and my phone and called 911…they were kind enough to quickly get me back upright…how embarrassing. shit happens.

fall slid on by…beautiful colors on the leaves, trying to remember as it’s now the very last day of the year! I am not sure how so much time has passed without me writing here. I thought about it, but never did…that’s very strange for me! so hopefully, this new year will bring more words thru my fingertips.

had several fun times with robin and grandbabies! hard to believe miss phoenix is 16 now and has her driving permit…a 3rd generation of toyota drivers! I’m very proud of her and she has a weekend job at the local mickey d’s…we all start out there, huh?

all my children are doing well, all my grandbabies are doing well, so what more can I ask for?? we stay in touch online… I miss the hugs but feel the love…it’s been unusually warm for this time of year, it hit 70 the other day, at the end of december…hope we do get wintertime to kill off the ticks, chiggers and fiesty mosquitos! haha

wishing everyone a healthy and happy year in 2020! wow! 2020! and always remember, I do so love you madly! big SMILE



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