life at walters ridge

wow…time flies! here it is the middle of july already! i moved to walters ridge apartments the end of february! these are 55+ apartments, brand new, on a dead end road with wonderful hardwood trees across from me! i’m on the second floor with a nice balcony that was empty as could be…now it’s full of beautiful plants! i have a fish tank tub also, that takes up the end of the balcony, thanks to robin and jason! i have wonderful purple guppies, red platties and shrimp with many water plants and a pot of more plants in the tub! beside it are: a jalapeno bush full of peppers, my gardenia, a hibiscus with touch me nots and impatients in with it, a roma tomato plant, petunias, more impatients and in my grow tub, i now have chocolate mint, pineapple mint, forget me nots, strawberries, touch me nots and snapdragons. beside it i have a big shephards hook with many things, bird feeders, hummingbird feeder, water for birds and butterflies, ray’s solar lamp, 2 zinnias, purple spiderwort, purple sweet potato vine, and a huge coleus in pots around it. next a pot of basil plants and mystery plant (never did find out what they are!)then a pot of marigolds and a cactus gifted to me from a friends grandmothers christmas cactus from 1920’s… next comes more impatients, my 5′ tall rose of sharon bush, a windowbox of wax begonias in white and pink colors, moss roses, dahlia, CSA tomato plant, prayer plants, a huge container with four 5′ tall roma tomato plants! 2 pots of bell peppers, 2 pots of carolina reaper pepper plants, and 2 more pots of impatients…did i forget anyone?? smile…so yes, the balcony is colorful and beautiful. the neighbor below me complained of water dripping, so now i water at night…problem solved…wish she would smoke something that smells better than what she does smoke! hahaha always something! hahahaha but i do enjoy living here, have a few good friends and the view is lovely! i get to visit with robin and family as our favorite grocery store is in this town of morristown…so life is good! thanks marty for sharing this page with me! i’ve been looking for weeks! this is my adventure for today! hope you have a GREAT day! SMILE

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