may has come and almost gone

another month has zoomed on by! let’s see if i can remember a few things about it…i always remember jesse’s birthday on may 3rd and even got her box of love and cherokee jewelry to her in fl fl land ON TIME! it’s been quite a while since i was on time! i remember she shared her birthday with aunt bonnie! so sending love to my favorite sullens auntie! her and aunt verde i was closest to. of course, grandma anna and i hit it off from the word go! robin and i took a ride NE to a wonderful, organic greenhouse…such nice folks, brought home a car load of baby plants! had mexican feast in morristown on the way home…spent many a day, cleaning pots and hanging baskets and planting plants, a few at a time…oh, how i cherish my hands in the dirt…pj found my other chains and bungees so about a dozen will be hanging, multi colors to shine…lots of herbs…then was gifted 4 grainger county tomato plants from brenda, my neighbor…phoenix and i planted them in the ground by the porch and she put up my little black fence sections so they hopefully won’t get mowed down…i split my cherry tomato plants i started from seed in the bedroom window with robin and i have a HUGE 2′ x 2′ pot full of tomatoes and i asked the master gardener lady for a big, slicing tomato for a tomato sandwich. i have it in the big pot that the gardenia had frozen in…it is twice as big as any of the others…have been to robin and jason’s home several times for bbq’s out in the back yard…it’s nice to see after surgery #2 that jason is getting some use out of his arm again…that would be a scary thing, especially as he’s a chef…and i must say! the best chef in east TN…i have special parking rights to the back! hahaha PJ made honor roll, math excellence and shared top grades in her class…quinn will start K at piedmont this year…he is such a wonder…he loves to help me garden, he’s so thoughtful of others and lordy, what a work ethic…takes after his momma…and g-bob,  of course…he had worked with g-bob every day since he could walk on his own! g-b0b is his loving name for grandpa bob…i’m sure you figured that one out. grandma barbara and g-bob live up the hill. a couple of acres there, what a wonderful place to raise your family! i live in apartments about 15 minutes away. been here 4 years, have had a few disagreements with the owner, washing clothes, handicap parking, cutting my tree, i’m the crazy hippie lady on the hill…now i’ve gone and  pissed off the owner because i refused to have them spray their roundup beside my garden…they tried once and i wrote an email to betty the property owner…i bet i’m the only one that emails instead of going down to the office! haha anyhow, wasn’t a week later, spraying all around the buildings, so they won’t have to weed eat i reckon…i got pissed…so glad i was home…the last straw…seriously house hunting…it’s been HOT as the dickens for may, high 80’s for many days…we need rain, not storms please, just rain…have a lot on my mind, virtual vs. real, love vs. lust…angels vs. devils…truth vs..lies…good vs. evil…lordy, it’s hard to be good! SMILE remember that love is what matters…true love…if you find some, hang on with both hands…sigh…and i hope it’s real…and in person…so enjoy each day and know that i love you! yes, YOU! i love you madly! cherish each moment that you are given together…as illness and life itself can change us…as quickly as a heartbeat…so get out, do stuff, keep moving and share a smile, share a laugh, always share your heart…be good to each other…share the love! SMILE

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