change of seasons….change of heart….

how quickly things change….reality settles in your mind….

you know, you knew for years, you never stood a chance….

why did you think otherwise? why did you let your heart dream?

why think that you could make anyone change their lives?

they have too much to lose, their life is more important than you….

my god, what would the neighbors think? the children? the friends?

lesson learned….it always has to be learned the hard way….

do not dare to dream of someone that belongs to another….

old habits win….possessions win….a house, a car, stuff wins….

you can’t create a new life with someone stuck in an old one….

don’t settle for “part of a life” –  get to enjoy it all, or leave it be….


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love is in the air

do you know how very much i love you??

do you know how much i enjoy you every day??

do you know how much happiness you bring to my life??


do you feel my heartbeat, keeping time with yours??

do you feel me sleeping snuggled up close with you??

do you feel my love surrounding you with sweet everythings??


i know you do know and i do know you feel it, too!

how truly wonderful it is…being in love with YOU…

thank you so much for making me…SMILE

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golden leaves a fallin’

in bed this morning watching the breeze gently shake the trees

tiny golden leaves would flutter, some in bunches, some alone

i love this time of year, gathering seeds for the spring ahead

cooler air, get to have the windows open, oh so very nice

i must say life is good on this hill in the smoky mtns of east TN

hope it’s doing just fine and dandy where you are, too! SMILE

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beautiful bouquet

i got a wonderful surprise the other day! a knock on my door and a beautiful bouquet of flowers was being delivered. red roses, yellow daisies, chrysanthemums in many colors, flowers i don’t know what they are! i tried to count them, but lost count at 80! yes, 80+ beautiful blooms… hahaha  thank you, sweet poetry man for making my day! my week! they are very much appreciated and loved!! big big  SMILE

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