my oh my, may is flying by….smile

wow! these spring days are flying by! i have 3 more 6pks of baby plants to transplant and then working on seeds! haha out of the 3 things quinn and i planted, 2 sets kept getting mold on them and they died, one set lived and thrived! had to wait until they started getting their 4th set of leaves to know who they are! Coleus! i bet i have 100 coleus plants i have transplanted! hahaha will share with my brother Kent and of course, Robin can have all she wants! i’m thrilled, as coleus was one of Darlin’s favorite plants! Marty and Amanda got me a cool subscription to a 3 month plant deal from new york! got a wonderful “crispy fern” as my first plant! i’ve never seen anything like it, it’s way cool…ray sent me succulents inside a purple candle?? robin and family got me cosmos seeds and a pink polka dot plant…jesse sent a wonderful fold out bird/nest card with a gift card enclosed…all these goodies were for Mother’s Day! how wonderful to feel all the love! my 2 big CSA big beef tomato plants have blooms and the cherry tomatoes are growing like crazy! have 2 jalapeno plants and my carolina reeper hot pepper plant is back outside now. It survived all winter in here. bought me a 4 shelf set of metal shelves to place out on the balcony in front on my window, i can fill it up to 300 lbs of flower pots on each shelf! haha waiting to get my fish tank back up and running until my new floors get installed and i’m back home from my “staycation” haha that should be coming up soon! hope all the plants make it alive without me for a few days and hope all the things in my home are still here when i get back. putting up my jewelry just to keep honest people honest. it’s gonna be a mess, but hopefully they will do a better job this time…well, about time to go water all my wonderful garden, so many colors and smells so good! have a GREAT evening and be good to each other! we all need to “share the love” SMILE

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