storms a comin’

an old missouri tale, “thunder in february, frost in may” it always proved itself true in missouri, will that also work for tennessee?? as i headed out this morning, the sky was looking quite unusual…i dreamed i was seeing things and wished i had brought my camera…well, that part came true, as i could kick myself in my fanny for not having my camera or the phone with a camera with me…as i came out of the doctors office after giving the nice vampire lady another sample of my blood, the clouds were huge, big, black and rolling all over themselves…looked like Creator was kneading dough in the sky. i stood quite a while watching this wonderful play dancing across the heavens…and then the rains came…no wind, just big, fat raindrops with a few pieces of hail included…it was fast and it was furious…by the time i waited again at CVS for my medicines, my little toy had gotten a wonderful car wash…i had vacuumed out the inside not long ago, so it was set to go! hahaha down the road i went towards dandridge, the storm chasing close on my heels…i could see those beautiful blue mountains when i first came to town…by the time i was done at the license office getting my new sticker for my tag, the mountains were hidden in the storm…lots of folks at the library today, so nice to see them all…back down the road and the storm was going one way, i was going the other…the lightning was beautiful and bright, never did get to count to 5 before the thunder rolled…huge native drums playing loudly¬† in the sky and they filled my heart with peace…i got back home and let the storm slow some before attempting to get all my things into the house, halfway dry…smile

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