my dear, dear GA friend, terisa, i call her peachy, my children call her aunty T…whatever name you wanna call her, you can’t help but love this sweet woman. we have been dear friends for over 30 years…we both lost our husbands within 6 months of each other…we both have children and grandbabies we adore…i saw a message on facebook from her son wesley that she had a heart attack and was in the hospital sunday around noon. i started rounding things up, trying to figure how i was gonna do this, had the car loaded by 4 and was down the road by 4:30…the weather was nice until chattanooga, then the rains started…atlanta bypass was a blur of fog, had to kick off the cruise and slow down…got to walton county hospital, into the ER and up to her room…she was snoozin’…she heard me come in and opened her eyes in surprise! it was quarter till 10…we gabbed awhile, nurses came and went, thankful no one ran me off as i was not planning on leaving…i got your back, girl, rest easy…tests, vampires, more tests, more vampires…nothing by mouth after midnight…more tests, more vampires, they never stop! met her doctor, Dr Ram Sharma, he taught at East TN University…he transferred peachy to athens to the hospital…still nothing to eat or drink, lordy, hours went by…more tests, finally took her down for an angiogram and ended up doing an angioplasty and adding a stent to her main artery! he showed us the picture on his cell phone, the artery was 99.5 clogged…this woman is a miracle to not have heart damage with her attack…she’s a miracle to have a fine doctor…she’s a miracle she DROVE HERSELF TO THE HOSPITAL…no doubt in my mind, Creator was with her, the angels were riding beside her…i am sooooooooooooooooooooo thankful to still have her to love…she’s my SISTA from a different mother and near and dear to my heart…LYM

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