feelin’ better all the time

getting better

yes, click on the link above, that is the song i’ve got playin’ in my head, too! i have been going to morristown twice a week for physical therapy on my knee…well, even better, aquatherapy…how wonderful to be in a warm, salty pool…when i get done with the exercises, i get to play in the pool for about 20 minutes before the next client shows up…the steps are the hardest part of the therapy, but even they, are getting easier to maneuver. it does my pisces soul good to be in water…and to be in a warm pool in february is heaven to me…and yesterday, after i got done with therapy,  i got to go visit with tamara and we sat and worked on my shawl for awhile…thanks, sweet woman…i appreciate your kindness and patience with my non-crafty self! hahaha


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