sweet tamara

i first met this woman at the morristown powwow last april…she reminded me of my dear friend martha…she was sitting by her tipi that her and her husband take all over the country. i stepped inside and was in awe…the beauty, the strength, the sky thru the smoke hole…i was in love! we visited that day, i felt so comfortable around her and enjoyed her conversations so very much…i was blessed each day to have the time to pray inside their tipi with no interruptions, no noise, just me and Creator…i was truly honored for this opportunity. then the next day, i got to watch her dance…her regalia was stunning! what poise, what native pride…it was an honor to shoot many pictures of all the dancers, it was so wonderful to get to know folks a little more…each powwow brings new friends and new adventures with ones you know! facebook has brought so many folks closer to me, that i look forward to seeing down the trail come spring…between the ETOCD meetings and festivals they attend and the powwow’s in east TN this year, my heart is thrilled to make wonderful friendships…and then i was invited to drum practice at the rose center on wednesday nights…tamara and her husband, tim teach young and old, drumming, songs, the art of making regalia…it’s all new to me, but the beat of the drum draws me near…this sweet woman has gifted me a shawl…i am thrilled…it is a wonderful turquoise blue, i took off the white fringe and got some chocolate brown from crazy crow…tamara is a very patient woman as i am not the least bit crafty and get aggravated really quick when working with my hands…but she is teaching me…the fringe is coming together on my shawl and the colors are beautiful…this week i got 4 small southwestern hawk appliques to add to the shawl to make it part of me…hawks have watched over me all my life…how sacred they are to me…how PROUD i will be to dance in the circle this spring with a shawl full of love on my arm…thank you Creator for such wonderful friends and thank you tamara with all my heart, for your wonderful gift, your patience and your sweet friendship! big SMILE

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