sunday morning coming around

woke up to giggles and eyeballs about 2 inches from my face! good morning, sweet phoenix! big SMILES…we’re off to make breakfast, then played around on the drums, on the computer, coloring, of course, MUSIC going the whole time! then out to play in the dirt…we planted all of our plants, transplanted some from aunty T and just had a good ‘ol time…took out frozen gondolier’s pizza to heat up for lunch, pizza and carrots! smile…then back to planting…we were hoping to teach the children a few doors down to love plants and not destroy them, but we never saw hide nor hair of them…hope everything will be ok in the morning…took phoenix home and got to feast with the family…love jason’s chicken alfredo…back home for a wonderful shower and some wonderful sleep…dream in music! SMILE

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