pow wow baby!

up early, breakfast with fruits, then off to morristown for phoenix to do her kung fu class…these children sure are gaining new skills each time i get to watch them “do their thang”! hahaha then after class, phoenix got dressed in her regalia and down the road we go to cherokee park! All Nations Gathering Powwow! how wonderful, got to hug on yalonda as soon as we pulled up! then here comes raven! one of the best drummers and dancers i know! had great fun introducing phoenix to many of my friends! love kim’s new regalia! she’s head lady again this year…just love that girl…then, low and behold, i got to meet drummer girl in person and get many hugs! we had our chairs in front of tim and tamara’s beautiful tipi…i was thrilled tamara found me and gave me a hug…was great to visit with her and tim with charlie brown and lucy! it was mighty hot out today! got to meet cindi…love her website for all her wonderful, natural creations! my dear friend, bobby redhawk eldridge…had his encampment right behind us and a wonderful tarp for shade later in the day! i also purchased a fantastic, beautiful cedar box he had done the design on the front and things i wanted it for, FIT PERFECT…i am a happy woman! sent boo a picture so he could see how wonderful it is…had great fun, phoenix got a hair wrap by the stomp dancer lady from alabama…flowers in her hair…we both wore hair clips made by SIS…phoenix danced many, many times in the circle, learning 2 new dances today…i was honored to be asked by yalonda to dance in her prayer dance…3 beautiful jingle dancers and her aunt by her side…it’s gonna be ok, girlie…it’s gonna be ok…that was the most love i felt that day…don’t know what it was, just something was in the air…vibes that are new to me…still trying to figure it out…but had so many folks i loved there, met many and shot many (camera only)… got my fantastic wall hanging made by charlie brown and my necklace feels wonderful now…and thanks so much for helping us lug all our stuff back to the toyota! MUCH LOVE

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