mothers day 2012

woke up to the sound of thunder…boom, boom, boom…send ‘er down big J…i love raindrops! got my momma’s big card, her purple african violet i have been growing for a year and is in full bloom…camera, batteries, water, i’m ready to go! over the hills and thru the woods to mars hill nc…just past del rio, TN, highway 25/70 has a detour now, they are making a new bridge…i love the detour roads…a new backway to go visit…little 2 lane, curvy windy roads in the mountains with the river running along side….got to mars hill and it’s still raining…shot a few pictures on the way…the smoky mountains “smoke” when it’s rainy…they were MAGNIFICENT! my camera just didn’t do them justice, i’m sure…i was THRILLED to find momma sitting up in her wheelchair…she was talking to me! i gave her hugs from WA, TN, GA, FL, MO and MT…several from each state! hahaha we took a spin around looking at all the pretty flowers and the fishes…and she kept saying, i’m hungry! the last time i was here, she had not eaten in several days…could not even sit up…ensure was about all she was consuming! well, let me tell you, supper got there, i bought a tray to eat with her…she ate ground up roast beef with gravy, almost all my mashed potatoes and 5 slices of peaches! i was STOKED! this is the first time in a LONG time, that i was happy on my way home…shot many, many pictures…come rain or shine! came back I-40 as bad as i hated to…with all this rain, several spots in the detour could be under water by now…don’t want to chance that in the dark, so i came home on the highway…made good time, i’m a happy woman! much love and peace to you all…i am truly blessed! what a GREAT day! got messages from all my children…a good day, a good day, indeed! FULL of LOVE and of course, laughter, music and big SMILES!!

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