life at walters ridge

wow…time flies! here it is the middle of july already! i moved to walters ridge apartments the end of february! these are 55+ apartments, brand new, on a dead end road with wonderful hardwood trees across from me! i’m on the second floor with a nice balcony that was empty as could be…now it’s full of beautiful plants! i have a fish tank tub also, that takes up the end of the balcony, thanks to robin and jason! i have wonderful purple guppies, red platties and shrimp with many water plants and a pot of more plants in the tub! beside it are: a jalapeno bush full of peppers, my gardenia, a hibiscus with touch me nots and impatients in with it, a roma tomato plant, petunias, more impatients and in my grow tub, i now have chocolate mint, pineapple mint, forget me nots, strawberries, touch me nots and snapdragons. beside it i have a big shephards hook with many things, bird feeders, hummingbird feeder, water for birds and butterflies, ray’s solar lamp, 2 zinnias, purple spiderwort, purple sweet potato vine, and a huge coleus in pots around it. next a pot of basil plants and mystery plant (never did find out what they are!)then a pot of marigolds and a cactus gifted to me from a friends grandmothers christmas cactus from 1920’s… next comes more impatients, my 5′ tall rose of sharon bush, a windowbox of wax begonias in white and pink colors, moss roses, dahlia, CSA tomato plant, prayer plants, a huge container with four 5′ tall roma tomato plants! 2 pots of bell peppers, 2 pots of carolina reaper pepper plants, and 2 more pots of impatients…did i forget anyone?? smile…so yes, the balcony is colorful and beautiful. the neighbor below me complained of water dripping, so now i water at night…problem solved…wish she would smoke something that smells better than what she does smoke! hahaha always something! hahahaha but i do enjoy living here, have a few good friends and the view is lovely! i get to visit with robin and family as our favorite grocery store is in this town of morristown…so life is good! thanks marty for sharing this page with me! i’ve been looking for weeks! this is my adventure for today! hope you have a GREAT day! SMILE

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a long, long time ago…my life as told by my friend Betty Boop and I

a long, long time ago…my life as told by my friend Betty Boop and I

Betty Maxey Lewis is with Cathy Sullens.
14 hrs ·
okey so I have this friend that when she first moved to Missouri she lived in a cardboard house with her soon to be husband. no they were not homeless or down and out on their luck. it was by choice and they built it on his fathers farm. I am not sure how long they lived in it but I have seen it. this was years ago. back in the 70’s. her husband has since passed away and she is now in Tenn. and getting ready to move into a beautiful new apartment. I know if she could have her love joe back she would live in that cardboard house again. She is a kind and loving person and I miss her. I am happy for her and all her success being on her own. she does have 4 children scattered here and there. I know if she had her choice they would be right there with her. but now days our children go here and there. good luck on you new move dear sweet friend of mine. maybe she will fill us in on why they built a cardboard house.

Cathy Sullens when we first moved to missouri, we were both sick. everyone on our street in colorado springs came down with hepatitis. the health department was going crazy, said it came from the water…the lady 2 houses down passed away. joe told me about his daddy’s 80 acre farm in missoui. we traded in our bicycles and bought an older international truck. we gave up our good paying jobs and headed east. i had been reading my “mother earth news” for years, i was ready to go homestead! his daddy Donald Ray thought it was funny as could be i was gonna homestead as he owned the land! hahaha this was in the fall of what 1976? 77? colder weather arrived quicker than we anticipated. so joe and his dad cut sassafras poles, his aunts had recently moved to MO from colorado, too, so we used their packing boxes…my homemade gravy held up the walls. we had a full size bed, a metal wardrobe for our clothes, a folding table with a coleman stove for cooking and a small old army coal stove for heat. it took tiny little pieces of wood, only! haha when it rained hard, we added straw to the floor. we had 2 kerosene lamps and had an 8 track hooked up to the car battery to have music! we had added one window for light, a wooden door and had a tin roof that sounded wonderful when it rained. we lived and healed in that wonderful, quiet place. compared to the hustle and bustle of living a few blocks from downtown colorado springs, it was truly heaven on earth. many a day, stretched out on a quilt in the sunshine, watching the clouds float by. his dad would let us carry water from his place, and take showers, our friend in cabool, Mimi Caldwell, let us come take showers when we came to town to do laundry. we lived there that fall, that winter and that spring…then we found jobs in town and our home at Bado…we lived there when we met you and yours, i do believe betty boop. here’s joe in our bed, our weekend stash of a cold beer and bracs chocolate candies in the bag.

Cathy Sullens hahaha i guess it was a “tiny house”..joe always was a man before his time…and thank you betty boop for your kinds words, and you betcha, i’d be back in that 8×12 in a heartbeat with that sweet man! smile…

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a new year, a new month, a new home

a new year, a new month, a new home

i’m so excited! there are going to be some major changes in my life.
i’ve lived in this apartment for 7 years now, it’s time for a change.
my life has been changed for me, not by choice, by medical procedures.
i had a total knee replacement on my right knee, and it never worked right
so i had it done again 2 years later, sorry to say, no improvement to me.
i walked in with a cane and now 4 years later went from walker to wheelchair
i do believe my body is allergic to the parts and pieces that they put in my leg.
end of that story, now on for more positive, wonderful experiences in my life.
my daughter Robin found an ad for a very interesting place to live in another town.
it’s brand new apartments, for folks 55+ and older, it’s at the dead end of a street.
hardwood trees surround the property, red oaks, blackjack oaks, hickories and more!
the buildings have the mailboxes located inside, i’ll be able to check my mail anytime!
there is a conference room where pot luck dinners are hosted twice a month they say.
even a computer room with several computers open until 9pm, i’ll have my own in my home.
there is an elevator for going to the different floors, i’ll be on the second floor.
each apartment has a wonderful balcony and huge storage shed attached to the balcony.
i can have my plants, my bird feeders, my wind chimes, the only rub, i can’t have a bbq grill.
each apartment has it’s own washer and dryer, i don’t have to hide mine in the closet anymore!
it is in a town i know and family know well, has the best grocery stores we go to now anyhow.
it’s about 45 minutes away from robin’s house now, but the ride over passes quickly and smoothly.
a new county, a new town, it even has the ELK lodge that i’ve been to on several occasions.
i’ll get to make new friends, get to have new adventures and i always love a new chapter in life.
so to all, i wish us happiness, good health (best we can) and much joy, music and colors of the world!

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it was a very Merry Christmas

it was a very merry christmas here on my hill in east TN
wonderful presents from all my children, they do know me well
even several surprises from friends in FL, MT and Newcastle Upon Tyne England

most of all, it was a day of love, online and in person, love is love
and i am so very thankful to have all these mighty fine folks to love
and that love me….big SMILE…YES, that makes me a very happy woman!

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playing with children: here, there, everywhere

i love being online, i live half my life online, have for many years
i have children that live in missoui, 2 spots in florida and tennessee
today we were all gabbing online together…i love when we do that

i never call folks on the telephone, they get me in trouble…haha
i always come across as a smart ass, so i try to stay away from phones
but i do love to type and type away i do! i always look “good in print”

got packages wrestled with, boxed up and off in the USMAIL today
robin brought her stuff and squished and shoved and got them all packed
her and phoenix and quinn took them over to the jefferson city post office

leave it to that girl to find a bargain! yippee, yahoo crazy shipping costs
thank goodness i had saved a couple of amazon boxes, have many priority boxes
they will work great in the garden i guess, p o boxes sure did shrink in size

so all is well, all are fine and dandy, we’re all excited about Christmas!
if you see santa, i have been really really good since thanksgiving…
thank goodness only 1 more week to have to be good! hahaha HOHOHO…smile

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remembering my grandmother……………eula mae rowe johnson

remembering my grandmother……………eula mae rowe johnson

Cathy Sullens
December 16, 2015 ·
one wonderful thing, i have met a 3rd cousin online in GA that keeps track of my family tree…how wonderful, he has a picture of my grandmother eula, my momma’s momma, i have never seen before…i love it! me and moemoe were two peas in a pod…she taught me flowers and saving seed and feeding the hungry, and the weeping willow switch when i was bad…oh sting! i tried to be good! haha her sense of humor was hilarious. the first time my husband joe met her, we pulled up at her apartment and you could hear rock and roll music…called her name and her screen happened to be unlocked…went into the kitchen and there she was up on her cabinet watering the flowers along the top of her ceiling windowsill…lordy, moemoe get down, let me water those for ya! she loved the beat of good music, many kinds of music…she’d always crush up peppermint sticks in a clean hanky and at church, oh cough cough, we’d sit and listen and sing and slowly eat peppermint…trying to remember if that was mountain creek or double springs church…i remember the paper fans in the summer time, you needed them as it was mighty hot inside! smile

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isn’t it EXCITING?? it’s almost Christmas! my cards are arriving

i had to laugh, i was tracking a package on my computer today

was in the back office and heard a knock on my front door

the wooden door was open, the glass/screen door was locked

then, ping! the status on my monitor checked over to DELIVERED

thanks, FedEx….had FUN birthday stuff arriving for robin today

all Christmas  presents, too, now accounted for and ready to wrap

some things took days, some took several weeks, it all worked out

don’t you just love when a plan comes together??? blows my mind

it’s so seldom, it sure does make you appreciate the joy of it! SMILE

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how many colors are there??

busy this day working on cards

have a gallon bag of pencils here on my desk

had just finished my 2nd card and oops

knocked the bag of pencils into the floor

yes, it looked like a rainbow of colors

but, alas, my childhood skills came into play

back scratcher and away i went, one, two, three

gathering my pencils like i was playing pick up sticks

SMILE….job done, zipper closed on bag now…

enjoy your day! only 4 days until THANKSGIVING!!!


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opening box number 2……….yeah!

if you know me, you know that i’ve gotten addicted to coloring my Christmas cards

it takes me a few months to get them done, but you have to be “in the mood”

once you get started, it changes your day, each and every day, it’s wonderful

i color when i first get up, that’s usually 11 am or so, yes, i stay up late at night

my computer desk faces south, i get GREAT light from about 11:30 – 2:00pm

that’s where all of my cards have been created this year, i love the sunshine

at the kitchen table, overhead lights, you’re always working in your shadow

so a happy woman i be! one box of cards are colored, envelopes too, stamps, labels

opened up box #2 and just finished my first card! wonderful sunshine today

blue skies with puffy white clouds floating by, ever so slowly…hardly a leaf stirring

supposed to get up to high 50’s, a truly GREAT fall day here in the smoky mtns of east TN

i’m done in here for awhile, off to the kitchen to rattle some pots and pans! time for breakfast!

i hope you have a good day, be good to each other and be kind, even to yourself! big SMILE

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