april is here

yes, yes it’s true…april is here! i guess my april fools jokes are no longer believeable. this year i posted a picture of a horse out on a balcony…was that my balcony??? how did that horse get there??? ah, the mysteries of april fools…the weather has been wonderful, warming up nicely. the redbud trees bloomed out in all their purple glory…the trees are starting to grow leaves..in these 2 weeks, i’d say all the trees are almost full of leaves, they are growing so fast they are squeaking! haha the redbuds have leaves now and their color is fading, but replacing them are the white white white of the dogwoods. they look beautiful in the woods across from me. the spring birds are returning, got to listen to them singing the other morning as i sat out sipping my coffee, welcoming the day. the high school greenhouse is having their plant sale…robin brought me a car load of baby plants, petunias, snapdragons, impatients, geraniums, marigolds, mystery plants. i have baby jalapeno plants and also 6 tomato plants i got from CSA. quinn and i started a little greenhouse of coleus, moss roses and petunias…not sure which is which! hahaha wait and see! last night and tonight are gonna be the coldest nights, 38 and hopefully, cold nights will be a thing of the past. i’m ready for springtime weather…how about you??? i can’t complain, when i had 50’s, ray and family in missouri got 2″ of snow! oh my! please no more snow here, and thanks Creator, the raindrops have been lovely! big SMILE

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