Drove like crazy for many, many hours

Drove like crazy for many, many hours. Stopped in GA to see GG Liz, had been told by a friend that the doctors are really messing up and hurting her instead of healing her and poor thing had been through another hip operation today, so we found her in the hospital. She looked in so much pain, it made me and Robin cry, Phoenix cried as we were sad. Got to talk to the nurses and get info on the doctor. Had a short visit, as she couldn’t stay awake, but so very glad we came. I do so love my other Momma. On down the road, we got stopped by Highway Patrol in Florida, Georgia and Tennesse as Robin’s temp tag could not be seen thru her tinted back window, they were all nice and friendly, we had all the documentation to show them, the car had just come from the shop and was going home. We finally gave up and left the information packet out for the next stop! Late in the night, we finally made it to Jefferson City, Tennessee and so glad to be at Robin, Jason and Phoenix’s home. So very tired.

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