Creator blessed me today!

today was such a blessing…i broke down after 5 days and went to see my doctor with a very sore throat and got antibiotics to heal my body…my soul was touched on the way out the door…this lady was holding the door for 2 others in front of me and i jokingly asked does that work for me, too? and she replied, i was holding it for you. we got outside and she began telling me her life story and how much i reminded her of her momma, who had passed in 2000 – the year i was blessed with my first grandchild, sarah nicole hannon!…we talked quite awhile, hugs, tears, memories…i don’t know her name and she doesn’t know mine, but our spirits touched and we could both feel the goodness…thank you Creator for this gift you gave us today. it made my spirit soar with happiness and i am humbled.

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