i have been lying quite some time enjoying the night sky through my big bedroom window…the stars and the planets are shining like diamonds in the sky…i truly enjoy the magical time right before first light…it makes me humble, it makes me grateful, it fills my heart with love…a beautiful, clear, cold night here in east tennessee…but i am snug and warm in my bed…truly blessed i am…i have been wondering all week if i’d be able to attend, but feeling good enough, i do believe…today will be my first “giving of thanks” feast with my TN native friends and family…french coconut pies, chocolate chip cookies and a huge bag of fresh fruits, watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes and sweet fresh cored pineapple…my contribution to the feast…i have 3 sets of batteries charged and ready to go! look out! gonna be a lot of flashing going on at the douglas dam lookout today! the feast has been moved there as recent rains left yards too muddy to park many, many rides…each time i get to visit with these folks, i learn more, i feel more and i enjoy more…friends are coming by to kidnap me…so i can “shoot all the way”…haha i am so thankful for all the wonderful smiles that come to my face when i think of everyone in my heart…Creator has been mighty good to me and mine and with all my heart…i thank you…GOOD MORNING WORLD….i am a happy woman…many blessings to you and yours, now and forever! SMILE

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