Sweet quinn

i am so blessed…i’ve been able to play with the mighty quinn this morning! man, he can say so many more words and even sentences! WOW…and he’s gotten so much taller! he’s here in the office playing with toys, rocking in the rocker, riding the footstool with turtle..and dancing now and then when the music hits him just right…now he’s using the footstool to get into the rocker, then he picks it up and tosses it and starts rocking like crazy…singing “rocking”. every time he hears the folks walking upstairs he starts naming off who it is, momma, sissy, daddy, alex…he loves the echo in here because of the drums…the rocker has made noise with the cymbal…oh he’s a happy boy! haha he stopped singing and looked at me, smiled and said whoa! hahaha the music is in us…BIG SMILE

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