Thanksgiving 2011

it was a busy, busy day! didn’t know how to act, had on jacket, went outside, came back in and put on blue jean shirt over mine, another load to the car, took it off too! warming up nicely! WOW…pie, cornbread, green beans, juicy corn, cookies, powwow chair, dancin’ stick, camera i am good to go! smile arrived at robin and jasons house around 2…smells delish but they are still a cooking and a baking…them babies are a snoozin…mmmmm what to do?? gonna be a couple more i visited a minute, dropped off desserts and took off again…headed native this time…my my my…smells good…ham from the grill, fresh greens from NC, better dressing than i make! hahaha and let me tell you, he sliced his daddy’s NC fruitcake…i was sitting there licking my fingers…might have been rude, but lordy, didn’t wanna miss a crumb! hahaha naaaaaaaa it ain’t no good! its FANTASTIC! haha stories of new, stories of old, music, drummin’, pictures…i’ve got a lifetime of learning ahead of me…and i enjoy each chapter…before i knew it, it was dark outside…haha off i go back to robin’s house…she was doing dishes, jason was bagging stuff for the fridge…got a plate of delicious goodies and loved jesse and alex’s chocolate pie! babies snoozin’ again! haha did get a quick hug from sweet alexander! smile…didn’t take 10 pictures today, but i sure did have a good time…and i sure am thankful for my family and friends…love ya’ll madly, i do! SMILE

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