the 5 feasts of november

what can i say? it has been an adventure…i started off at my childrens house, the babies were snoozin, the food was a cooking…so i took off to play with friends…next thing i knew, it was getting dark! oh my! back to childrens home…the babies were snoozin’…story after story and time got away from me…is that what they mean by indian time? time just slips away? the stories were fascinating…i just couldn’t leave…*HUGS* to my children and grandchildren and my apology for missing the feast with you all…thanks for letting me fix up a plate and get to visit with you for awhile…got to go over the hills and thru the woods, loved the roller coaster ride…to play at cindy and ray’s home…i loved hearing the tales, they have all known each other many, many years and had many a tale to tell…loved the stories embarrassing the children too! that’s the FUN part of being a parent…i have watched a movie of a TN legend and must say, the man was an artist in his trade…quality stuff…been reading books on loan that just blow my mind…”Animal – Speak – the spiritual and magical powers of creatures great and small”…got to feast and visit with natives and musicians and their family…then got to make taco’s for everyone tonight…i have a french coconut pie with my Momma’s name all over it…will go over the hills and thru the woods tomorrow! WOW…what an AWESOME week! took many a picture and had GREAT fun! thank you Creator for these blessings…goodnight ya’ll…hope you dream in music…SMILE

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