The Giving of Thanks Feast

i tell you…it was wonderful…from the word go…it just got better and better and better…i got to meet folks i have been in awe of for over a year…got to sit with them for lunch and visit…what a fantastic blessing…soaking up good vibes all over the TN mountain hillside today…and to hear the drum beating, echoing thru the woods and over the hills and the valley, it just made me stop in my tracks and give thanks…and so many good indians…they could sneak up on me well…and DID…haha wood smoked turkeys, buffalo roast to die for and venison bbq to beat the band…some mighty fine eating! and homemade bread i had…and now i see why folks were attacking becky’s blueberry nut crunch even before the first foods had been set on the table…it was THE BOMB! thanks danny and greg for the heads up, we’ll just follow you two! hahaha…i had to laugh, there was nothing left in the 2 pans of french coconut pie…i almost cooked ’em too long, had turned off the oven and came in and sat down in front of the computer, 5 more minutes…10 minutes later i smelled them! oh no! hahaha but i have no idea how they tasted but got several compliments…haha i loved the strawberry ?? and the coconut cake! yes, much much wonderful food, wonderful fellowship, spirit was high…love surrounded us all…Creator gave us sunshine and kept us cool when we needed it…how quickly these folks have set up residence in my heart and what a blessing they are to me and mine…i’m so PROUD to know and love them all…SMILE

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