answer the door

yippee yahoo! i was here in the office typing that peachy was 2 counties over…jammin’ and workin’ and the song ends and i hear “don’t anybody ever answer the door around here”? i reckon she had been out front ringing the door bell while the song had played! haha (if the house is rockin’, don’t bother knockin’) YEAH YEAH YEAH peachy is here! oh i am so very glad to see that woman…she is in TN! hahaha we settled down and got to gabbin’ and visitin’ and jammin and i got to cookin’…welcome to the sullens b & b….your room has been reserved for as long as you like…months would suit me just fine! we proceeded to have a good visit…so much to talk about, good and bad…high and low…and everything in between…this is my SISTA that Creator gave to me…and i am truly blessed…big SMILE…welcome home, peachy! love you madly, i do!!!

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