charlie brown and lucy

ok, ok, so that’s really not their names…it’s greg and becky and they are crazy friends of mine…he’s been busy all day with a big crock pot of vegetable soup a cooking! the weather is warming up today! got my sandals back on for the trip to their house! and you are right, folks try to run over you when you are turning left onto white school road! haha i FOUND you! greg was out sitting in the swing to direct my driving right up to the front door! how wonderful to be here! these folks have become very near and dear to my heart these last few months…when i visit with becky, it’s like seeing myself 20 years ago…smile…ok, maybe 15 hahaha tunes a cranking, i brought corn bread muffins to go with the soup…we feasted and played and feasted and gabbed and just had a good old time…it still AMAZES me how much their son, dylan looks like my son, marty…they could be brothers…WOW…started raining by the time i left to head back home, why of course, i had on my sandals! it HAD to rain! hahaha can’t believe i only missed 1 road on my way out and knew the name as soon as i crossed the intersection…did a u-turn at a church, could see well cause of the blue lights flashing in the church yard…hahaha yep, someone had gotten stopped…off i go down the road…i mean it is pouring rain, had the wipers on high all the way back, had blues traveler crankin’ in the toy…what a wonderful visit, what a wonderful day! thanks for the KEYS to add to my dancin’ stick! ya’ll are the BEST! big SMILE

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