december 25th

happy birthday jesus! lit a candle in the window for all those i love that reside in heaven now…for all those in my heart…so many in my heart…i am so blessed…slept in bits and pieces! you can’t sleep on christmas! haha got a call…clothes on…bag of presents loaded in the frozen car…let it thaw a moment, santana on christmas morning…over the hills and thru the woods…the mountains towards dandridge are such a beautiful blue this morning, about 3 shades…the evergreens are majestic against the bluffs…such a fantastic, crisp morning…thank you Creator! enjoyed the ride and when i pulled up and parked, i could see the flash from robin’s camera going off inside the house through the glass on the front door! BIG SMILE…yeah yeah yeah…Merry Christmas! we had a grand old time! made out like bandits, jason got busy making a breakfast feast…coffee sure did taste good…g-bob and barbara down too and feasted with us…these sweet grandbabies are so excited and i’m such a happy woman! my heart is full of love! i got such AMAZING pictures of these grandbabies! MUSIC, mist, fudge, opened wonderful presents from ray and family in missoui! yippee, my favorite scent and from marty tate in florida! WOW a beautiful dreamcatcher necklace! i could ask for no more…gifts from around the world…gifts made with love. i am in awe, i am so thankful, i am humbled…thank you one and all…your LOVE is the BEST, ever! and you mean the world to me, 365 days a year! LYM big smile

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