destroyed but still kickin’

what can i say? a smell, a song, a story…how quickly they can bring the past back, just like it was yesterday…i found a story i had written a few years back, explaining a few things in my life…oh my, that was a mistake…the first 10 years of my life came flooding back and i was overwhelmed and it was NOT a good thing…but family and friends kept me sane and typed me thru it and here i am alive and kicking! the next day, a friend had posted this on her wall and it was my lesson of the day before…i DID survive, i AM nuts, but not insane…it made me who i am today and taught me things to teach my children…it was a hard row to hoe, but in the end…i still love gardening…it brings me peace now, not pain…thanks ya’ll, i do so love you madly!!!

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