my baby girl

well, she is! the youngest of 3 girls…today is her birthday and she was born december 21, 1982…yep…29 she be! i’m so PROUD of this girl…she is very much like her brother marty! or shall i say, my son marty, is very much like his big sister…what i mean by that is, she improves herself each and everyday. she sets goals for herself and works hard to make SURE they DO come true…she’s a “go getter”…our children did learn a thing or two growing up with home based businesses…she’s achieving her goal in her education, she’s pursuing her dream in photography…she has a wonderful daughter phoenix joe mailyn and sweet son, the mighty quinn…you feel the love in her home the minute you step into her door. her and jason make it a home, not a house….she’s always full of ideas and ways to improve everything and everyone around her…such positive energy! i love it, i cherish it! so happy birthday sweet child and know how much i love you madly! and yes, i’m gonna be huggin’ on you too! BIG SMILE

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