good morning! baked all morning! presents wrapped and gonna go be stealthy…i love folks here in TN…i first met them at the powwow in morristown in april of this year…the east tennessee overhill cherokee descendants…they knew me before i knew them…several of them look into my eyes and see my soul…i like that…so over the hills and thru the woods to the boonies! i love the boonies, out in the country of sevier county, with the stream running beside you…that creek has turned into a river a couple of times this year…was so odd to see pictures of their yard all under water…but the beauty would keep you there, creek or river…i understand the respect for running water…i love the hills and curves and 1 lane road…it’s a nice ride from my house to theirs…by the cherokee dam, i have arrived, turned down the jams, pulled up between 2 rides, talked softly to the 2 kitties…sat the bag of santa’s goodies on the 2nd step, backed out, CRANKED the jams, smiled and headed back down the road…merry christmas my dear friends! thanks so much for taking me and phoenix to raise, i love the learning, i love the spirit, i love the goodness…ya’ll are a true blessing to me and mine…this story is for YOU with much love and respect…LATER! smile

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