road trip

ok, ok, car is full of gasoline, my bag is packed, peachy, am i coming to get you?? waited as long as i could and finally called…i know this sweet woman has been up day and night…wanted her to get some sleep but i’m all antsy to get on down the road…change of plan…won’t be running to GA today…well…got lucy in knoxville just chomping at the bit to go somewhere, i’m the same way…throw in charlie brown and away we go! i got to be peppermint pattie today and we took off over the mountains and thru the woods to cherokee, nc we go…i got to see kim’s beautiful maggie valley! oh yes! no wonder you like it so well…and is that the restaurant where popcorn ate every day? i do believe it is! hahaha how wonderful, greg took me up the mountainside to his aunt’s place…got to see his old stomping grounds.. was looking for jonathon and tony and didn’t find either one! got some grandbaby gifts in one of the tourist shops, had a little supper and guess what? the cherokkee christmas parade starts at 530…we couldn’t have planned it any better! got bundled up a little as it’s getting cold when the sun dropped down behind these gorgeous¬† mountains…i smell sage! i hear drumbeats…yep…we got to shoot pictures and eat candy that was tossed…had GREAT fun! these two nuts are such fun on a road trip! i drove the way up, thanks charlie brown for driving on the way back and of course, you know lucy kept us entertained! first time i’ve been to cherokee since i was 6 years old…i WILL be back! SMILE

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