sing it now….”on the first day of december

my friend kent came to see me”…are ya still singing? hahahaha what can i say? christmas carols are in my head while i work on cards…yep, have not see the professor for quite a while…he brought the whole display of ribbons and pottery disks with images stamped and glazed on them. he also came with a beautiful loaf of bread, still warm from cooking! we proceeded to “get the butter out woman!” haha and try a piece……..mmmmmmm truly delish! off we go to cosby tn to the carvers apple orchard…got 1/2 bushel of carousel and 1/2 bushel of pink ladies…thanks so much, kent! some of the best tasting apples i have EVER had in my life and we use to grow a few apple trees back in missouri…mighty fine stuff…also stopped in their candy store this time, i got a few pieces of chocolate covered almonds, peanuts…we tried those out on the way to the book store ronnie was telling me about, turn at the fireworks store beside where they had the powwow in cosby…now where is it? don’t know the name, just a mile or so down the road! this has to be it! OUR PLACE! we found it! oh my my my! i could stay here forever! found the music section, the owner told me where the native section was…books all the way to the ceiling! hey kent! so glad he’s a tall, tall man! i need that one way up there, please! and a gazillion books for children! haha santa is gonna be good to so many this year, the kind lady even threw in one for me too, from santa! WOW…thanks! i will return! off down the smoky mountain parkway to watch the beautiful sunset and take some pictures at the lookouts along the way…what a nice ride! back home for me to make fried chicken and all the fixin’s…what a wonderful day! thanks, kent, i had GREAT fun! and thanks for leaving the necklace making supplies, i will add to my dancin’ stick and sweet grandbabies will be able to make a thing or two! BIG SMILE

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