snellus lived in dunedin FL at 410 new york ave…’chelle and her family lived next door…snellus is i and i am snellus…back in, let me go look, may 2009, i was honored to be chosen ELK of the month at Dunedin-Clearwater ELKS #1525…when the newsletter came out, it was printed as cathy snellus…my last name backwards…haha i remember telling lynn that my email was my name backwards…sullenscathy@yahoo, so i reckon that stuck…haha it was funny and i got teased quite well for it…and my bossman, michael, that i love dearly, calls me snellus to this day…snellus enjoyed living in dunedin, danced and prayed on her patio each and every day…had a fire quite often in the firepit and listened to music until the sun came up, many a morning with family and friends…many a feast was cooked and consumed there, lots of folks from team 262! …and yes, i fed the neighbors to be able to enjoy the LOUD music day and night! i do believe i lived more out on that patio than i did in the house, my back door was always open! a six foot fence and 70+ plants, in pots, hanging on the fence, the patio was all concrete, except a bottom flower garden i made down by the fence…a glider, a few chairs here and there…it was my heaven…snellus worked hard and played hard…and danced in the moonlight…and found boo there… dawn always said she was gonna get a big, red flashing light so i would know when the phone was ringing! with the jams CRANKIN’ i never heard a thing!  haha some things never change! SMILE…so that’s the story of snellus, becky…a pisces dream! coming and going! hahaha big SMILE

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