the moon

peachy just called me…can you see the moon? not looking out my back window..shorts, tshirt, socks and now jacket and out the front door i go! OH WOW…it’s glowing! how beautiful…thanks for telling me or i would have missed this glorious sight from Creator…got to gab with that sweet woman for awhile, she’s brave and going to wally world…haha i’m back in the kitchen, heating up some supper…been a busy day with lots of winged friends…watching the directions they travel, seeing some eye to eye…just thrills my heart to begin to understand just a little…i’ve been busy writing stories, still working on cards, jammin’ with friends…my it’s cold outside! burrs! hope you stay warm, hope you stay fed, hope your health keeps improving and know that i love you, madly of course!! big SMILE

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