where the greens are

up until the wee hours of the morning! we got the packages all bundled up, the cards are DONE! peachy carried all the boxes in and stacked ’em up on the couch…she’s snoozin’ and i’m being stealthy and going out the door to the post office…they are only open from 8-11 and i made it there at 10:00am…i was hoping the cold air was not gonna wake her up…(she said she never felt or heard a thing!) took 3 trips to get everything out the door! hahaha so yippee, yahoo…everything that needed to be mailed.. got off today! finally! hahahaha wrapped on more presents and played around and then over to ronnie and eric’s house…he’s cooking on the grill, sweet potatoes and the biggest pan of greens EVER! biscuits in the oven…we be jammin’, visitin’, playin’, feastin’….everything was soooooo good! got to tell boyd happy birthday! and had some of their wonderful orange cake…then we watched the movie “festival train”…it was filmed in 1970…a train ride with concerts at every stop across canada…grateful dead, janis joplin, the band and many more…it was AWESOME! i loved it…then we had to laugh and enjoy the “mummies” hahaha we be jammin’…thanks ya’ll for the hospitality and the good times…SMILE

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