a beautiful day, let’s ride

ok, got a bag full of boxes of love, got all my thank you cards done, off i go to dandridge…stopped and filled up with gasoline at food city, looking at the mountains, i got a wild hair…off to the post office and just kept right on going down the road…left a text for ronnie as tonight is drumming…it’s a wonderful day for a ride…i’m running away…when i got things on my mind, riding down the road helps me sort them out…have collective soul crankin’, thoughts a flying and down 25-70 i go…thru newport, past the wonderful biker bar and the french broad river is sparkling like diamonds today, but i didn’t even bring my camera…now that’s a shocker! and i just realized i have on my old man moccasins, too…haha oh well, take me as i am…2 hours later i’m pulling up at madison manor in mars hill nc…Momma was surprised to see me…not the best of days but wonderful to hug her neck and just spend some time with her…we had supper together…i buy a tray and we get to visit for awhile…not many words from her today…more childlike than momma-like, but so thankful to be able to look in her eyes and tell her all about her grandchildren and her sweet great grandbabies…she asked about that indian man…boo will be pleased…i told her about family and friends and she remembered peachy being with me last visit…her dreamcatcher shines above the head of her bed…photo’s adorn almost every inch of her walls…she is surrounded by love…ALWAYS…getting dark, getting colder out as the sun sets in these glorious mountains of north carolina…santana sang me home…when you have troubles on your mind, if you can, it’s always nice to run back to momma, no matter how old you are…her hugs just seem to make everything alright…thanks, Momma…i dooooooooo soooooooooo love you madly! rest easy…i’m home safe now…big SMILE

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