is it saturday?? smile

i hit the floor running! busy morning, got the fat back cooked, added to the butter peas…gotta cook them all day…peeling the HUGE sweet potatoes from NC…only peeling 2 and they will make 2 pies, easy…i tell you, somebody had a mighty fine garden…thanks debbie and boyd for bringing them to TN…yep, they kept well…got them on cooking and back in for other chores…getting mighty warm in here and opened up the door and WOW…greg and becky are here! haha my house is not ready, but come on in…hahaha we had a FANTASTIC visit…just like we always do…pies in the oven now, peas cooking, starting to make cornbread muffins…making 3 pans full, one hot and spicy…ok, they took the pies on over…got the juicy corn cooking, last pan of muffins in…go wash my stinky butt and wrapped presents from SIS…got the camera ready, 3 sets batteries, peas in a glass 1/2 gallon (no more juice in the car! haha) bags of goodies, took some “harry and david” over, several trips and the car is loaded up, my goodness, it’s almost 7…where did time go??? arrived and had help unloading…stuff warmed, they are STARVING…just STARVING i tell ya! and my my my, the piggie came in off the grill and just fell apart when ronnie was slicing it. and i have enjoyed more greens here these last few months than i have in years…goes well with the cornbread…the feast was fantastic! the company was GREAT fun…i was so happy to be with friends that mean so much to me…the jams never stopped…visited with debbie and boyd and ronnie’s momma by telephone and then it was NEW YEARS! yippee…out with the old, in with the new! and the jams continued, the laughter was enjoyed, the visiting didn’t stop until sunrise and ronnie had to go to work…starting to rain as i headed home…goodnight gina, goodnight eric…all that wonderful coffee kept me going until 9am…so i got to work on pictures, jam and visit with friends online…then…i gotta go lay down! hahaha it was AWESOME…thanks, my sweet friends, i had a really good time…goodnight, good morning…BIG smile

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