sweet smoky mountains of east tn

it was a wonderful trip over the hills and thru the mountains we went…it rained off and on, just enough to make these beautiful smoky mountains “do their thang”…Creator was giving us a good show today…headed down I-40 and now off the highway, headed  towards cosby and carver’s apple orchard…the view is lovely, the orchard is so pretty with bare limbs…it just feels really good here…what a wonderful farm..when you walk into the apple barn, it smells so sweet and delicious! always displays of different things in season, many jellies and jams and hot sauces…it’s heaven in here! row after row after row of bushel baskets full of sweet smelling apples…asked for the same order as last time, seems to be the ones i like best of all…half a bushel of pink ladies, half a bushel of carousels…got some red and green tomatoes and squash…grabbed a couple of pink ladies to eat on the way home…we nibbled until it was down to seeds! so sweet and delicious! home to prepare supper, more company arrived…got to trade a gallon bag of cookies for jewelry work…the wonderful cosby bookstore turquoise necklace feels so very good around my neck…the cookies went over well…good to visit…we enjoyed our supper…a lovely end to a lovely day! thanks, kent…big SMILE

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