birthday girls

i was blessed with the chance to go over the hills and thru the woods…today is my Momma’s birthday…she is 85 today! it is also my birthday! i caught up with boo! hahaha made her a sweet potato pie early…so it would have a chance to cool a little…presents wrapped, the card in the mail days ago…glass of ice tea and down the road i go…i do so enjoy riding 27-70…it’s back way, 2 lane road that runs right along the french broad river…i go through dandridge, then newport, my favorite spot to stop is hot springs NC…then on thru marshall and into mars hill…it’s a pretty little town, Momma lives out in the country…on the very end of mars hill road at a place called madison manor. for a nursing home, it’s clean…the staff are nice…they have a wonderful outside area to enjoy from inside and out…pretty songbirds in one area inside, wonderful quilts and pictures to see on all the walls…it’s not the RITZ, but i’ve never been to the ritz…it’s somewhere i feel safe leaving my Momma to be taken care of…and that peace of mind means the world to me…she loved her pie, i fed her a whole slice…the rest is in the fridge with her name on it to have some everyday…and share with the nurses…we blew out our candles, made wishes and took pictures and talked! the visit was good until the end…so i’ll just stick with the “was a good visit” part…i do so love my Momma…enjoyed the ride home, the many, many curves of coming down the mountain…it’s starting to turn green in bits and pieces…don’t know if wintertime is gonna show itself this year or not…ya’ll be safe and thanks for riding along…glad you enjoyed the LOUD jams! SMILE…and by the way, happy birthday on march 8th to boo’s little sister, barbara!

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