cherokee dam

it was a beautiful day…70’s, sunshine, clear blue skies…had a bunch of things to take to the post office and was simply amazed at what a nice day it was for the first week of march. came back by the house and grabbed the camera and the extra batteries and off i go again…headed towards cherokee dam…it’s north of me and douglas dam is south of me…the mountains are a beautiful blue today and you can see snow on several of them…shining white in the sunshine…as several cars in front of me turned into the park area, looks like i am not the only one that is out and about enjoying this day…folks walking their dogs, babies being pushed in strollers, folks riding bicycles and motorcycles are everywhere…picnic blankets are spread on the soft, new grass…folks reading books, playing with children…even a hammock or two spread between the trees…i truly enjoyed the walk, enjoyed the view and took almost 200 pictures in the few hours i was there…soaked up some wonderful rays of sunshine, watched the squirrels play in the trees, listened to the birds singing and enjoyed watching the boats go by…thank you, Creator for giving me life to enjoy this wonderful time today…hope you got a chance to be outside and enjoy it, too! big SMILE

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