a carrie day

hahaha you have to know the woman…when i met her, she was GREAT fun on hippie ridge…liked her from the minute i met her…very good colors…we took off for a days adventure in knoxville…many adventures! left kent to grade papers and away we go! a beautiful day out, Creator is good to us today! first stop was little sisters…i’ve read about this shop in her fb comments…felt right at home…incense, wonderful jewelry, music, laughter, hugs…yeah, my kinda place…i have many things i will bring to this sweet woman next time…things just in a drawer, they should be on display! new friend now, down the road to 3 rivers market…wonderful braid of sweet grass and 2 bundles of sage…i just love the smell and the goodness of both…then over to cousin it’s house…i met him after the johnny winter concert…his yard is wonderful…took many pictures of things in bloom, his fishes, he also collects cars, it seems…i have no idea what were under the tarps! hahaha then over to market square…folks are arriving…worked out perfect for parking and seating…my red powwow chair was happy to be there! smile…wonderful music, belly dancers with fire, mexican supper, cold ice tea and then the band we came for! TN’s own cuttroat shamrock! oh yeah! then one more stop…over to listen to friends play…i have been facebook friends with terry for awhile, how nice to meet teep in person! had GREAT fun, a good visit, good music, met many folks…really, the cherry on the cake of our day! got back to mascot about 1am…got home about 130….just a beautiful night out…thanks carrie, it was a BLAST…thanks kent for loading up my car! HUGS and LOVE to you both! SMILE

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