Knoxville Airport Exhibit

yippee, yahoo!  yippee, yahoo! Robin got her big, beautiful airplane picture “take off” mounted and entered in the art show this spring at the airport in knoxville.

Arts in the airport


it was an unusual afternoon, rode with g-bob and grandma barbara, jason, robin, phoenix, quinn and i headed to knoxville for the showing! we had to go through security to get up to where the paintings and photographs were on display! well, for the first time in my life, i was chosen for a full body scan…lordy mercy…i felt like i should have given the lady a kiss afterward! hahaha but the only thing that uspset me, they were going to go thru my medicine bag and i flat out refused…they let me watch it be scanned after i told her to go get her boss and keep her hands outta my sacred medicine bag…walked and then got wheeled around…was so excited when i saw robin’s photography professor there, too! i knew something good was about to happen! and it’s DID! she was the 2nd winner! they had over 300 entries this spring and she was 2nd place! my my my!! her and phoenix went up to accept the award of $250 !!! yeah yeah yeah! an award of merit! her photo kicked ASS! outside for more photo’s and then off we go in search of good food and beverages! we found them, had a really good time! so PROUD of robin! yeah yeah yeah! a wonderful day, a wonderful accomplishment, much love today! SMILE

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